Welcome to EURO-C 2022

EURO-C 2022 will take place as a pure onsite event on May 23-26, 2022 in Vienna, Austria. 

As organizers of EURO-C 2022, we announced in July 2021 that we will re-assess the situation of the current pandemic in autumn. Up to very recently we were optimistic that we could have an on-site EURO-C conference in Obergurgl in March 2022. However, the number of Covid-19 cases dramatically increased throughout Europe in the last few weeks. In Austria there is a high probability that the new peak will appear around March, similar to the previous peak in March 2021. We are not able to anticipate whether there will be travel restrictions or even another lockdown at the end of March 2022. The situation is too uncertain. 

Our main aim is to keep the spirit of the conference series. We doubt that this is possible in a hybrid or even worse in a pure online format. Also in the interest of the safety of the participants, we came to the conclusion that we have to postpone EURO-C 2022. Knowing that many of you are working intensively on your proceedings papers to keep the approaching deadline on November 12, 2021, it would be unfair and disappointing to postpone the conference to 2023. As a remedy, we made the joint decision to postpone EURO-C 2022 for just two months to May 23-26, 2022. From the experience of the past two years, we are more than optimistic that the Covid-19 situation will be under control by that time, allowing us to organize EURO-C in the traditional pure onsite fashion. 

"Snow", one of the key elements of the EURO-C conference series, will be melted at the end of May, even in Obergurgl. The water will flow down first the Ötztaler Arche, then the Inn, and finally the Danube, leading to Vienna. Therefore, we decided also to move the conference venue from the Austria alps, exceptionally, to Vienna. Instead of the traditional skiing race on Wednesday afternoon, we are planning a joint activity on the Danube. 
EURO-C 2022 will take place on May 23-26, 2022 in Vienna, Austria. 

The next International Conference on Computational Modelling of Concrete and Concrete Structures (EURO-C 2022) is scheduled as an on-site meeting in May 23-26, in Vienna, Austria.

EURO-C 2022 continues the series of conferences on computational methods and numerical models for the analysis of concrete and concrete structures.

Based upon the success of the first conference and its subsequent amalgamation with the Delft Concrete Mechanics Colloquia, the series of EURO-C conferences continued with venues always located in the Austrian Alps, such as in Zell am See (1990), Innsbruck (1994), Bad Gastein (1998), St. Johann im Pongau (2003), Mayrhofen in Zillertal (2006), Rohrmoos/ Schladming (2010), St. Anton am Arlberg (2014), and Bad Hofgastein (2018). EURO-C 2022 will be organised in Vienna, Austria.

Keeping the spirit of this long-standing tradition, EURO-C 2022 is aiming to bring together researchers and engineers involved in computational modelling of cementitious materials and the model-based design of concrete structures to review and discuss research advancements and to assess the applicability and robustness of methods and models for the analysis and design of concrete, fibre-reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, as well as masonry structures in engineering practice. Recent developments include methods of machine learning, novel discretisation methods, probabilistic models, and consideration of micro-structural aspects in multi-scale settings. Overall computational robustness of numerical predictions and mathematical rigour have further increased, implying the need for validation and respective experimental programmes.